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Below is a list of papers that were presented at the annual symposiums held by SFTE European Chapter.
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AVOID – The story of a successful ‘Testing Together’ Flight Test Trial
Multi-Cultural Flight Testing: How to Conduct Combined Flight Test Across Two Cultures
Testing CBRN protection AEA
Coming unstuck: avoid it if you can, do it if you have to
Testing Together in a Flight Test Training Environment
Hidden Risk
Eurofighter Typhoon Air Data Testing Challenges, Techniques and Lessons Learned
Aircraft Controllability and Primary Flight Displays - A Human Factors Centered Approach
A new perspective on Reason’s Swiss cheese model applied to flight testing
Kick the Tire, Catch the Wire - Test Certification Trials for Two Emergency Arrestment Systems
UK A330 multi-role tanker transport Defensive Aids System testing
We Vibrate - Re-pushing the envelope (G550 HALO TGI Flight Testing)
Flight Testing DELICAT - a Promise for Medium-range Clear Air Turbulence Protection
Lynx One Engine Inoperative (OEI) testing during hot weather SHOL or “What do we do when we lose an engine on a hot sunny day with no wind?”
A very low cost UAV platform for education in flight testing
Operational Test and Evaluation of the NH90 NFH
Rotating Camera for non-intrusive Measurements of Propeller Blades Deformation in Flight
Enhanced FBI, a great new flight test capability and it's price
Flight testing the Titanic: re-visiting the loss of the R101 airship
HSIT - A "combined" joint venture
An Innovative Approach to Flight Test Using Digital Multi-Media Technologies
Remotely Piloted Vehicle Flight Test Technique Development and Training at NTPS
Scientist instrumentation payloads for meteorological and solar radiation measurements on remotely pilot aircrafts