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Below is a list of papers that were presented at the annual symposiums held by SFTE European Chapter.
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Innovative Technologies to Support Future Ship-based Flight Testing
Innovations in Forward CG Testing for Harrier Aircraft
V-22 Osprey Heavy Gross Weight Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) Evaluation
Recent developments for efficient helicopter ship qualification testing
Development of Flight Test Instrumentation: An Evolutionary Approach
Bomber Testing in the Digital World
F-16 Fighter Aircraft Flight Testing in the Netherlands
Eurofighter Handling Qualities Official Assessment
Innovative Approach to the Definition of Flight Test Requirements through the Application of Integrated Test Evaluation and Acceptance (ITEA) Planning
Nimrod MRA4 Simultaneous Mission System and Air Vehicle Flight Testing
Development of a Flexible Flight Test Instrumentation System
Nephelometer: a Flight Test Probe for Cloud Characterisation
Development of a Dynamic Self Configuring Data Acquisition System in a Distributed Multi-Node Aircraft Environment
Wake Vortex Flight Testing in Recent EU Research Programs
Awiator Instrumentation - A Large-scale Application to A340
Development of a Multi Camera System for Flap Gap Observation in Flight Testing
Using Variable-Stability Aircraft to Demonstrate Automated Aerial Refueling
Combined Systems Integration and EF-18 OFP 06 Validation and Verification Process in the Spanish Air Force
JAS 39 Gripen. Wake Vortex Penetration Flight Testing
Feasibility Study: Helicopter Blade Tip Vortices Positions Measured in Free Flight by Means of Stereoscopic Background Oriented Schlieren Method (BOS)
Wake Penetration – a Tumultuous Farewell of 1st Typhoon Prototype Aircraft