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SFTE member fatality

The membership of the European Chapter would like to express our sincere regrets over the loss of ‘Galactic’ and the tragic loss of Michael Alsbury. We of the flight test community follow our chosen profession with great enthusiasm, aware of the risks and try our hardest to minimise these wherever possible.

Most of us are aware of and depend upon the support of our loved ones as we pursue our dreams in an exacting profession, absorbed by the thrill of adventure, and technical advance working with colleagues we rely upon for our whole wellbeing.It is easy to forget that we are not alone, our families are always with us and face the consequences of any misadventure.

It is difficult to think of anything appropriate to say when the worst happens, such occurrences are less frequent, since the flight test community has grouped together with safety as our prime concern. Those of us who have experienced similar situations, are aware of a sense of loss, and try even harder to prevent a recurrence

Our group is affected in just such a way now, and although distance robbed us of the privilege of knowing Michael well, we are deeply aware of a sense of loss.

Please be aware of our love and support.

Written by David Gibbing