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Summary of the 12th European Chapter annual symposium

Söderköping, Sweden (2001-12-10/12)

"Test, a Means of Development - Test means Development"

Our 2001 Symposium - motto as above - was held in Sweden, in the small town of Söderköping, about 50 km E of Linköping (some 150 km SW of Stockholm).

In an attempt to refresh and renew our conference tradition, a few new grips were tried. The most obvious, maybe - it was arranged as a "boarding conference", i.e. all delegates and vendors stayed and had all their meals together at the conference hotel. This, plus the Scandinavian December weather that kept us all indoors, helped to create a good atmosphere.

Another such item was the workshop, arranged and managed to engage each and everyone in the question of the future of Flight Test. This will most likely get a continuation ... There were sixteen papers presented, all of them enlightening, some of them educating and some of them even pushing the limit of our ability a bit further.