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Summary of the 8th SFTE EC Annual Symposium

Blackpool, England (1996-06-09/12)

The 8th Symposium of SFTE European Chapter was held at Blackpool, England between 9-12th June. Approximately 125 delegates attended from 12 countries including Israel, USA and South Africa. The event was hosted by British Aerospace, Military Aircraft Division, Warton. The welcome address was given by Professor Dave Gardner, European Programme Director and Deputy Managing Director of BAe Military Aircraft Division.

Seventeen papers were presented under the headings of: Flight Test Engineering, Instrumentation, Methods, and Military Aircraft Programmes. A wide range of topics was covered and the standard was excellent. The prize for best presentation was awarded to L.A.Holm and J.G.Uhlin of SAAB, Sweden for their paper "SAAB Military Aircraft Philosophy of Rig, Ground and Flight Testing".

The highlight of the social activities was a medieval banquet complete with period entertainment. The venue was an authentic banqueting hall built by Benedictine monks in 1740. There were no sightings of the 2 resident ghosts, though various other visual phenomena were experienced after the quaffing of much strong ale.

The Symposium concluded with a visit to BAe Warton. The tour included Flight Test, Flight Simulation, Development Aircraft Flightline and Aircraft Final Assembly facilities.

Wapke Dijkshoorn, wife of Wim, first E.C. SFTE President, being welcomed by King Arthur.